Chris Harrison Says Nick Viall Might Not Find Love After All

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While viewers often wonder whether contestants on The Bachelor are there for the right reasons or not, host Chris Harrison is pointing the finger at someone else: the Bachelor himself. While Nick Viall has insisted time and again that he's on the show to find love, Harrison says that may not be the case. In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, the longtime host shared a clip from this week's episode and revealed some candid inside news: Viall may not end up with anyone.
"[This] might be the first Bachelor in the history of this entire franchise to be left at the end," Harrison told Entertainment Tonight. "And believe me when I tell you, he knows that."
In the clip, we see Viall tell the camera that he's been "falling in love with someone" and that it's been happening for a "very long time." Naturally, the clip doesn't show us who he's talking about. Harrison notes that the two women left, Raven and Vanessa, are both incredible, but very different. And that's why Viall may end up with a Neil Lane rock and no finger to slide it onto.
"What I find fascinating about this show, is the capacity for people to love more than one person at a time," Harrison told ET. "We all have this capacity to do it, I just don't think we allow ourselves because it's taboo."
Is Viall there to find love, though? He wants everyone to think so, but many aren't convinced — especially since he's set to appear on Dancing With the Stars after his time on The Bachelor. Is he really just milking his 15 minutes as long as he can? Remember, this is his third appearance on the Bachelor franchise, and he didn't end up finding a match on his two previous outings. And since he knows how things work on the show, he may just be going through the motions to satisfy Bachelor Nation devotees. While Harrison remained candid on the details, one thing is for sure: Viall loves the camera and attention — the only question is whether the women vying for his love think he's worth all the trouble.
"I feel like sometimes I've been fighting it, and I'm not fighting it any longer," Viall said in a clip shared during the interview. "I am going to ask her to marry me, and my only fear now, is what if she says no? If I leave here alone, I'll be devastated, I'll be heartbroken."

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