I Found Something Suspicious In The Duggar Family Scrapbook

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Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have a detailed and organized personal website on which they share details about their large, and growing, family. As of now, the family counts 19 children, two grandchildren, and a slew of cousins (in addition to the two parental leaders) which means there's an abundance of interesting and glorious information to be shared.
And while I feel like I hear (and write) something about the Duggars almost every single day, I learned a lot about the reality television family by perusing their personal bios.
And some of what I saw was sus AF.
It all started when I went on the "Family Scrapbook" page (of course they use the phrase "scrapbook"), where the parents have had each of their 19 children fill out a questionnaire. The prompts ranged from "Favorite Bible Character" to "Favorite Episode" (presumably from their now-cancelled series, 19 Kids and Counting).
That's where I saw Joshua Duggar's scrapbook entry. You may know Josh as the oldest Duggar, and the subject of several sexual abuse allegations in August 2015 (to which he later confessed). He was then soon after caught spending roughly $1,000 on the Ashley Madison website while married (he later apologized), and subsequently entered therapy for long-term treatment to help with his addictions. Yeah, that one.
Here is his entry:
First of all — what is that picture? It's so zoomed out and impersonal compared to the rest of his brothers pictures on the page. Also, his favorite food is super gross (sorry Chrissy Teigen).
But did you catch that bottom line?
His future is questionable. He's been quiet lately, following his multiple, disturbing scandals. I guess he should have no real future plans (although he is, last we heard, still with his wife, with whom he has four children). But still, I have so many questions: Is this something he wrote himself? Or, did his parents go in and edit this after all the shit hit the fan? Are they trying to distance their son from the family's future? Could the family blogger has a sense of humor?
It's impossible to know at this point, but it seems pretty clear that even the Duggars don't know what to do with Josh.
The only other sibling of Josh's to have a weird and telling response to the same question is the oldest daughter, Jana, 27. She's at the top of the girls' page.
Her future plans are just straight up blank!
Unlike Josh's, this feels like someone is throwing some subtle shade. This young woman surely has a future plan — she even spelled out a five-year plan in an episode on TLC awhile back. To me, this blank space looks more like a dig at the still single eldest because she maybe doesn't want a future that involves being a housewife.

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