Chrissy Metz Cries At This Is Us As Much As You Do

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You're not the only one reaching for the tissues thanks to This Is Us.
In an interview on Entertainment Weekly: The Show, Metz admitted that she often cries on set.
One moment in particular that had Metz in tears was when Randall first learned that Rebecca knew who his biological father was. Randall found a letter from Rebecca with William's things, and he confronted her about it at the Pearson family's Thanksgiving dinner.
"The Thanksgiving episode, where he actually came out and said, 'I found this letter,' I, of course, had to run in and say that I was contemplating the [bariatric] surgery, and I was like, 'Oh shoot, I'm sobbing in tears and I'm supposed to be just off the plane,'" Metz told EW. "Everyone's performances are so moving that it’' a distraction. It is a distraction. But I try to keep it together. They're just so amazing. It's hard."
"They are the greatest bunch of human beings," Metz said of her costars. We're glad to see Sterling K. Brown's costars appreciate him as much as we do; Randall consistently brings tears to our eyes. (But when Kate had no idea about the William/Rebecca reveal, we get how it would have been a problem for her to burst in crying for no apparent reason.)
As for which Pearson family member is most like the actor who plays them, Metz says that award would go to Justin Hartley and his character Kevin.
"He kinda gets a bad rap because he's so handsome, and it's like, no, he has this beautiful heart, he's a great dad in real life, and he is just a kind man," Metz told EW. "I think people think of him as kind of just the hot guy, but there's so much more depth to that."
Check out the full interview below.

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