These Bookstore Employees Found The Most Genius Way To Waste Time At Work

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Ah, France. Things are just cooler there. French girl fashion is a bonafide thing. Baguettes are French. So are croissants. And idle time? Let's say the French have mastered that, too. Just take a peek at the Instagram account for Librairie Mollat, a Bordeaux bookstore where the cheeky employees snap themselves — and customers — in a most curious way.
Bored Panda reports that the bookstore (remember those?) employees started to post photos to Instagram that showed themselves and customers with books positioned just so. Through clever placement, the covers fit right in with faces and bodies and the results are just too good. It's a cheeky way to integrate bookstore culture into social media. And seeing as how Librairie Mollat opened back in 1896, earning it the title of first independent bookstore in France, let's say it knows a thing or two about longevity.
Some of the shop's photos take inspiration from classic works of art. We assume that's because it's easy to get a snapshot of someone's face and a piece of portraiture. Recognize this one?
What about this one, minus the headphones and choker?
The effect is especially impressive when the clothes match up with the book covers, too.
And you might even recognize a few of the books, even though publishers often choose different covers for international versions. Here's a sultry take on Charlaine Harris' series that inspired HBO's campy vamp drama True Blood.
Local tots get in on the action, too.
What about a side of French history?
Full-body shots are always impressive. There are no details on just how involved the employees get (is there actual planning or is this impromptu imagery?), but with snaps like this, we're guessing they're not taken off the cuff.
Matching facial hair? That's above and beyond — and totally impressive.
Although the staff doesn't always try to match things up 100%.

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