Your Bed Could Be Affecting Your Sex Life In A Major Way

Photographed by Natalia Mantini.
There's nothing wrong with loving your bed. Your bed is a wonderful place with warm blankets and fluffy pillows and complete silence from what's happening in the rest of the world. But if you consider yourself married to your bed, it could be affecting your sex life.
Data from OkCupid finds that only 23% of "sleepers" consider themselves "super confident" in their sexual skills, as compared to 33% of "non-sleepers."
The dating app considers someone who is not a morning person and who likes to go to bed before 11 pm a "sleeper" and someone who is a morning person and who goes to bed after 1 am a "non-sleeper."
Their statistics on the sexual prowess of sleepers vs. non-sleepers comes from answers OkCupid users have made on the app, and therefore are all self-reported.
But it isn't just sexual confidence that separates the sleepers from the non-sleepers. Non-sleepers were more likely to think an orgasm was the most important part of sex (33%) as compared to sleepers (23%) and nearly a third of non-sleepers (32%) said they would date someone solely for sex, while only 26% of sleepers would.
When you really look at the numbers, though, the difference isn't huge. Only 10% more non-sleepers than sleepers are confident in their sexual abilities. But the fact that there's a difference at all, OkCupid claims, points to a personality difference between people who'd rather lie in bed with Netflix on a Friday night and the people who'd rather be out with friends (or a date.) Non-sleepers are overachievers, according to OkCupid, which might just explain why they're so goal-oriented on achieving an orgasm during sex.
Still, we're most sad to hear that only 23% and 33% of both types of people are "super-confident" in bed. We won't pretend that sexual confidence is easy to come by, and "super-confident" might be asking a lot, but ideally even someone who'd rather spend a night in with Netflix should feel good about their body and about having sex.

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