Viral Video Shows Student Juggling To Prove Sobriety To Police

Oh, college. Such fun times. Remember all those crazy Friday nights you spent at the library, studying into the wee hours of the morning like a true legend? And then you would drive home at 15 miles per hour — you know, just to be extra legit careful? And after all that, you'd still get pulled over by your friendly neighborhood cops? And then you would perform a perfect juggling routine for those cops, and Sargeant McKay would film you for Instagram, and you'd all have a grand old time?
Yeah, none of those things happened to us in college, either. But that's why we have University of Central Arkansas junior Blayk Puckett: To keep us on our toes.
According to Cosmo, Puckett was leaving his admirable self-date at the library late Friday when university police pulled him over for driving too slow. And as if that sentence shouldn't already win him the Most Responsible College Kid Award, he proceeded to pass his sobriety test with (literally) flying colors: Puckett treated those college cops to a masterful juggling performance.
One of the officers caught the routine on video, and it has understandably gone viral.

@ucabears UCAPD is really enforcing this new sobriety test. Drive safe, everybody! #juggler #juggling #UCA

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The patrol-car light show really adds to the performance, don't you think?
"This is the new sobriety test in Conway!" Puckett says in the video, referencing the university town.
"This guy is definitely not intoxicated," asserts the jolly sargeant.
But we've got to ask: Would the skills of a true juggling expert be impaired by a few beers? What about, say, a few shots of tequila? Great musicians have certainly performed under the influence before; why not great magicians? After all, they are masters of misdirection.
It's worth noting that when Puckett was pulled over, the police asked him what was protruding from his pocket. According to The NY Post, it was "magic equipment." We'll just let you make up your own punch line here.

My 21st birthday has been unforgettable! Thanks for all the birthday wishes and kind words!

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