A Grocery Store Just Made The Most Hilarious Mayonnaise Mistake

Reddit has yet again blessed us with a hardy food-related laugh, and this most recent one comes from supermarket blunder some user randomly caught while grocery shopping. The post was added to the /r/funny subreddit last week and has by now received 1,840 up-votes. The photo comes from a Redditor named embahlk, and at first glance, it seems to just a normal picture of a grocery shelf containing a few jars of mayonnaise. Upon further inspection, however, you’ll notice that they are actually jars of vegan mayonnaise or “vegan spread." After you notice the vegan labeling, your eyes may automatically drift up to spot a coupon attached to the tops of the jars. The coupons read, “Save $1.00 on meat.” Reddit immediately called “FAIL” on this discount that might not exactly appeal to people buying vegan mayo.
We completely recognize that buying vegan mayo doesn’t automatically mean that you are vegan or a non-meat eater. In fact, one of the commenters explained that they are allergic to eggs, so while they can’t eat regular mayonnaise, they can still enjoy all types of meat. And, yet another wrote, "I'm housemates with a vegan, and we share vegan mayo, so this makes sense to me." Still, we can’t help but chuckle at the irony.
Among comments explaining why these coupons aren't that odd to find on Vegan mayo, you better believe there were plenty of others reveling in the hilarity. A Redditor known as havereddit commented, "The temptations are literally everywhere...." While we don't think lovers of vegan spread should be deprived of savings on meats, we're still going to up vote the person who notice this somewhat paradoxical deal.

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