Did You Notice This Secret Note From Last Night's Episode Of The Bachelor?

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
There was a lot going on in last night's episode of The Bachelor. We bore witness to Rachel Lindsay's inevitable departure, Corinne's turn on "Women Tell All," and Raven Gates maybe sort of finally having an orgasm with a lover. With all that hubbub, it would have been easy to miss this tiny detail: Rachel Lindsay handed a note to Raven Gates on her way out the door. How do we know this? Gates herself tweeted about it.
Gates' tweet was actually in response to an astute Twitter user who took a screenshot of the note. Below, you can see the Hoxie native gripping the note (as well as that highly desired rose).
Here's what we know about the note: It's the most beautiful note Gates has ever received. Lindsay passed it to her immediately following the least dramatic rose ceremony in history. (Now that we know Rachel Lindsay will be the next Bachelorette, we didn't expect her to stay much longer.) When Chris Harrison gave his customary "say your goodbyes speech," Lindsay hugged her fellow contestants. Apparently, when she did so, she passed a note to Gates.
What could the note possibly say? We have a few theories.
1. "Dear Raven, get out while you can."
Given Nick Viall's penchant for dumping perfect women, it's possible Lindsay tossed Gates a quick warning.
2. "I bought you a vibrator. It's in your room."
We know that Gates's ex-boyfriend never made her orgasm. Now, we don't know what that means about Gates's personal sex life. It's entirely possible that she's given herself a lovely "O." But something tells us she doesn't own a vibrator. Lindsay, being a good friend, could have purchased Gates the sex toy as a courtesy.
3. "Raven, I'm still confused about Memento."
Because they watched it together in the house — making a supposition here — and Lindsay didn't get it because the film enjoys some classic mindfuckery.
4. "I'm going to be the Bachelorette and I need you to know that."
Here's a fun conspiracy theory: Did Rachel Lindsay know she was going to be the Bachelorette before she left The Bachelor? According to a segment on the Afterbuzz TV AfterShow, a producer told a personal shopper (who appeared on the podcast) that the franchise knew Lindsay would be the Bachelorette before they knew Viall would be the Bachelor. If this is true, then the note becomes very intriguing. Did Lindsay tell the rest of the girls about it? Did Gates know? Our minds are spinning.
5. "Dear Raven, I love you. I will miss you."
Most likely, Lindsay wrote a sweet goodbye note to her dear friend. One thing that routinely warms my heart about this show is how close the contestants become. The friendships always seem genuine, and that's the real love story right there.

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