Justin Hartley Is Desperate For A This Is Us Nude Scene Like His TV Dad Milo

Milo Ventimiglia kicked off the pilot of This Is Us with a nude scene that none of us will ever forget, and now his TV son Kevin Pearson wants in. Pearson, played by Justin Hartley, has yet to have a nude scene of his own, and as a certified heartthrob, he thinks one is well overdue.
He joined the hosts of The Talk on Monday to talk about the show, and he revealed that he's a little jealous that Ventimiglia got to have such a revealing scene — especially since nobody has asked him to do one yet.
“You know, the thing about it is — no, I’m a little upset about it," he joked. “I mean, what does that say? Am I losing it?”
While we'd probably all like to see Hartley's character bare a little more skin, it hasn't caused any animosity between the two actors.
“I just leave that to him," Hartley admitted. "He’s very good at that."
Plus, he doesn't want to appear nude if it's just for the purpose of being objectified.
“Yeah it has to be honest with you. I have no problem doing that kind of stuff when it’s necessary," he told Access Hollywood, according to People. "That I don’t mind at all, you know storytelling. But the gratuitous stuff it does, it gets a little old sometimes, right? And, raising a daughter, I see this stuff all the time. It’s a touch much sometimes."
Ventimiglia had his own reservations.
"It was one of those things [being on network television] I thought, ‘No way.’ And I get to my trailer in the morning on the first day of filming and I look at my choices of wardrobe and it's really not much," he told E! News at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's Grants Gala. "There's tape and there's like a nude flesh colored thing, like pieces of cloth and tape and I kind of went, 'OK, alright, cool. I've been nude in film before. It's fine. No big deal. I'm totally comfortable with my manhood and my rear.'"
So are we, tbh.

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