This Dad Got His Daughter The Perfect Gift After She Came Out As A Lesbian

Photographed by Alexandra Gavillet.
The Christmas after I came out to my mom, I opened up the gayest gift I've ever gotten: a rainbow bracelet, a rainbow peace sign pin, and a rainbow flag pin.
She looked over at me after I opened up the gift and said, "I thought you could use some rainbow stuff."
And my eyes might have teared up a little. Maybe it was a little bit cheesy, but giving me that rainbow-filled package was also a simple and sweet way for her to show me how OK she was with me being a lesbian.
Turns out, my mom isn't the only parent to have this idea. Nev Sotelo, a 15-year-old girl from Fort Worth, Texas, got a similar gift from her dad after she came out to him, BuzzFeed reports.
“I came out as lesbian October 21, 2015. It was really hard for me because I wasn’t too sure how much of my family would be accepting,” she told BuzzFeed. “After coming out, my dad has been one of my biggest supporters.”
A couple of days ago, Nev's father bought her a rainbow umbrella to show his support.
"How adorable is it that my dad goes above and beyond to show that he accepts me," she wrote in a tweet about the gift.
Photo courtesy of Nev Sotelo.
And the writing on the umbrella puts the gift over the top. "Be you. Be true. Be Awesome," it says.
“I bought it for her because I know at her age it’s hard to be accepted in this cruel world we live in and not one moment do I want my daughter to forget that her dad loves her no matter what,” her dad, Robert, told BuzzFeed.
Cue the waterworks.
We're not the only ones crying. Nev's Twitter followers are all over this adorable tweet about her dad. And they all feel pretty much the same way we feel...overcome with emotion.
Some shared how lucky Nev is to have a supportive family, which not every LGBTQ teen has. And she couldn't be more grateful for her dad.
“My dad is a strong believer in equality, as am I," she told BuzzFeed. “He definitely is brave. He’s not afraid to speak up about things either.”

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