Where We Left Off On Season 1 Of Love

Suzanne Hanover/Netflix
With the season 2 of Love debuting on Netflix Friday, March 10, it’s time we revisit the particulars of Gus and Mickey’s twisted friendship, which often reads as a handbook for what not to do in life.
It’s been more than a year since Judd Apatow’s Netflix comedy Love debuted on computer screens around the country. For 10 episodes, we saw two individuals try to get over their own individuality, and maybe force their way briefly into a relationship. By now, the ups and downs of Gus (Paul Rust) and Mickey's (Gillian Anderson) tumultuous relationship has probably been reduced in fans' heads to a haze of magic shows, convenience stores, and an Australian roommate’s accent.
If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably blocked out some of the show’s more awkward moments (seriously, though, Mickey’s unabashed rudeness at that magic show still makes me cringe). But with the next season coming quickly, let’s reacquaint ourselves with their specific madnesses, quirks, and mistakes, shall we?

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