The Internet's Crystal Ball Is Predicting Dark Things For Sasha On TWD

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Warning: Spoilers for last night's The Walking Dead ahead. Read at your own risk.
Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) from The Walking Dead is living on borrowed time. I mean, everyone on that godforsaken show is facing imminent death, but Sasha's fate looks particularly dire. Ever since it was announced that the Martin-Green would star in CBS's forthcoming series Star Trek: Discovery, we've known that her character wasn't long for the zombie world. The only question now is: When will Sasha die?
Well, last night's episode gave a huge hint as to when our lady Sasha will depart the series. According to Vanity Fair, Sasha's interactions with Rosita in this last episode made it seem as if the zombie hunter is adopting a story line from the comic that will lead to an untimely demise — and soon.
Part of the fun of watching The Walking Dead is sussing out which parts of the beloved comics will appear on the show. Because the universe of the comics is more broad than that of the series, often the show's characters play out story lines that don't technically belong to them. Redditors have long theorized that Sasha would take on the role of Holly. In the comics, Holly plots to kill Negan. In the process, Holly gains walker status. (We said there would be spoilers.) In the episode "Say Yes," Sasha plots to kill Negan as revenge for the death of Abraham (Michael Cudlitz), her love ill-fated love interest. If her trajectory is, in fact, that of Holly's, this could mean we should prep the coffin and the think pieces, because Sonequa Martin-Green is saying goodbye.
Some Redditors think, though, that Rosita (Christian Serratos) will be the one with Holly's story line. One writes, "Pretty much assumed that it would be Sasha that got the holly treatment like this entire season but the way Rosita has been acting the last few episodes is now making me think otherwise." Rosita, who was also once linked to Abraham, is in on the whole kill-Negan plot. When she hands Sasha a rifle in Sunday's episode, she says, "It’s a one-way ticket for both of us." One-way ticket to death? To the underworld? To that sweet walker lifestyle?
Maybe it's not just Sasha in jeopardy, either. It's possible that both women are set to take their leave in the final three episodes of season 7. Christian Serratos, of course, isn't in the same position as Martin-Green. My prediction: Sasha has a scythe over her head, and we should all gird our loins another heart-wrenching death.

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