This Guy's Creative Pickup Line Pun Actually Worked

Summoning the courage to ask someone out on a date or even simply give them your phone number can be nerve-wracking. Putting yourself out there isn't always easy, but one guy has found a pretty creative pick-up line — and it seems to have worked.
BuzzFeed reports that 17-year-old Michael Nguyen used a "pick-up lime" to give his phone number to a girl. (Hah, get it? Lime, line? Sorry) Nguyen wrote his phone number on a lime and gave it to Natalie Salguero, who he had been friends with for a while.
Salguero loved it so much that she posted photos of Nguyen with the lime to Twitter.
"This is Michael," she captioned the photos. "Michael gave me a lime. It had his number. Then proceeded to say 'It's a pickup lime.'"
Nguyen told BuzzFeed that he gave her the lime because he has a hard time talking to girls, and wanted to do something that would get her attention. The smooth move, he said, was an idea he found on a Tumblr post.
And as for whether or not it worked?
Well, given that Salguero hashtagged her tweet with #GetYouAMichael, we're inclined to say that she reacted fairly positively. Plus, Nguyen told BuzzFeed that the overwhelming response that her tweet received gave him the courage to ask for her number, too.
Even if things don't end up working out, Nguyen will forever be remembered for his pun game — he's already been dubbed "the lime guy" at their high school, and has added his new title to his Twitter bio.

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