This Is How Corinne Won Over The Women Tell All Audience

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Corinne Olympios may have been the villain on The Bachelor, but you can't deny she's won a special place in our hearts. The 24-year-old was eliminated from the show earlier this week, but it didn't take long for her to be back on our screens. She was a part of Thursday night's The Bachelor: Women Tell All, and she brought a special surprise.
Corinne's love of cheese is no secret, especially when it comes to her nanny's (don't ask) pasta recipe. During last night's show, Raquel came out on stage with the now-famous cheese pasta and passed it out to the audience.
According to InTouch, producers helped distribute the meal and almost everyone in the audience got a bite of the dish they had heard so much about. They even claimed that Raquel and her pasta were bigger stars than Nick himself, which isn't hard to believe — I mean, when has Nick ever given you cheese?
While Corinne took her elimination hard on the show, she told Glamour that now she's pretty much over it.
"It’s in the past," she said. "The feelings are done. But it was shocking to be sent home because we just had such an amazing hometown date, and to me it looked like it was the best one. I just thought we had something really good going; it’s just a shame. But you can’t make anybody love you or want to be with you — I’d rather know the truth than be led on and find out something terrible later on."
This follow-up TV appearance might just be the first of many, since she let a major desire slip to the magazine.
"I just feel like I need my own show," she said. "Sorry, just putting it out there."
If it involves more cheese pasta, it won't be hard to get everyone on board.

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