This 3-D Printer Prints Pizzas In Any Shape You Want

Photo: Getty Images.
A few weeks ago, Pizza Hut and Dominos sold heart shaped pizzas in honor of Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, some people who ordered the romantically shaped pies were sorely disappointed when they received funny looking crust and wonky looking toppings. Though the results were hilarious, they were also somehow kind of depressing, which is why we were so excited to come across a company called BeeHex that invented something called the Chef 3D.
Chef 3D is a 3-D printer that can print you a pizza in any shape you can think of, including a heart. According to FoodBeast, Chef 3D is programmed to print the custom shape, then out comes the dough, sauce, and cheese. After that, you add your toppings of choice and throw the pizza in the oven.
One of the engineers responsible for inventing this exciting machine says it’s only different from traditional pizza-making methods because “it’s cleaner, it’s quicker, and it’s more efficient, and it’s consistent.” Sounds pretty good. In addition to being able to customize pizza shape, Chef 3D can also print different types of crust and cheese, so even those who are vegan or gluten-free can enjoy it.
TechCrunch reports that BeeHex, which has raised $1 million in seed funding to launch Chef 3d, eventually hopes to create a network of machines capable of printing many different types of customized snacks and meals. Just think, one day everything we eat could be printed on demand in any shape we want. Now I’m craving a pretzel that looks like my face. Anyone else?
For now, BeeHex only has the pizza printer, which isn't yet widely distributed. A pre-production prototype is set to appear at the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas later this month. If you can’t make it to Vegas, though, you can see Chef 3D in action in the video below.

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