Here's What Happens When Two Strangers Find A Bottle Of Wine On The Subway

Photographed by Alexandra Gavillet.
Most of us were taught at a young age that sharing is caring, but unfortunately, for some of us, that rule goes right out the window when we get out hands on a bottle of wine. When it comes to booze, greed sometimes seems to take over because let's face it wine is just that good. That's why we were so impressed to hear this heartwarming story about two strangers, the New York City subway, and one unopened bottle of wine.
Around 1 a.m. this past Sunday, two total strangers sat down next to one another on a subway car. Though the train is not a place you often see acts of kindness — trust this New Yorker, I have seen some things on the subway — bad things. But, these two men were brought together when they heard a clinking under their bench. When they looked, they were surprised to find an unopened bottle of wine and immediately decided to pop it open and share it. This tender moment would have probably gone down without us ever knowing about it if it weren't for one Colleen Hagerty, a Twitter user who happened to be in the right place at the right time. She tweeted a photo of the two men cheers-ing, and it understandably got a lot of social media attention.
Since being posted in the wee hours of Sunday, Hagerty's tweet has received over 213,000 likes and has been retweeted over 63,000 times. Interestingly, she found that many people really wanted to know how in the world the two were able to open the wine if they didn't have a cork screw. She clarified that it was some sort of sparkling wine, so the cork was easily removed by hand. The Twitter user, a journalist for NowThis News, understood and appreciated everyone's desire to have all the facts.
Hagerty summed up the experience nicely with a final tweet that had all us winos, New Yorkers, and lovers of great stories saying, "Awww!"

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