Here's Your First Look At The Dirty Dancing Remake With Abigail Breslin

Every once in a while, there's a film so remarkable that its scenes, lines, or even dance moves become iconic. There's the Jerry Maguire quitting scene, Pulp Fiction's restaurant scene, and Ben-Hur's chariot race, just to name a few.
Dirty Dancing's lift scene is an essential part of that list. It's a mainstay in pop culture, even today. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone recreated it for Crazy, Stupid, Love. The homage was cute, but there's no way to truly do a Dirty Dancing remake justice. Or is there?
On May 14, ABC is releasing a Dirty Dancing remake as an original TV movie. The film stars Scream Queens' Abigail Breslin as Baby, and Colt Prattes as Johnny Castle. Sarah Hyland, Debra Messing, Billy Dee Williams, Nicole Scherzinger, and Bruce Greenwood will also star in the remake. Details about the film are still under wraps, but ABC has just released the first poster for the new Dirty Dancing.
The new Baby and Johnny look faithful to the original. Breslin's sporting big, wavy hair that looks similar to Jennifer Grey's in the 1987 film. And Prattes looks as sensual as Patrick Swayze did on the original poster. (Still, we'll never really see anyone else as the two legendary characters.)
But even though the remake is totally unnecessary — the original film still totally holds up — it does come at an interesting time, politics-wise. Dirty Dancing depicted the consequences of not having access to safe abortions. And as the film approaches its 30th anniversary, reproductive rights, and women's rights more generally, are being threatened in the United States.
If the new film sparks interest in women's rights among younger viewers, that's not a bad thing. It might inspire important conversations that, in our current political climate, we need to be having. And we're all for that — even if it comes at the expense of disservice to Patrick Swayze's legacy.

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