The Super Weird Thing Women Are Convinced Taco Bell Will Do For Them

The night my brother's appendix burst, he ate at Olive Garden. Now, every time Olive Garden comes up in casual conversation he tells the story of his appendix and how he will NEVER EVER eat at Olive Garden again.
It seems kind of harsh to me. Olive Garden is in no way responsible for his appendicitis, and deep down he knows that, but soup, salad, and breadsticks will forever be linked in his mind to the night he had to get his appendix out.
We have to believe it's that same thought process that makes pregnant women believe that eating at Taco Bell will somehow induce labor, which is apparently a thing, Munchies reports.
A Munchies reporter found this super interesting thread on a mommy-to-be blog called What To Expect. The original poster, Elijahsmommy27, mentioned that her husband learned from a coworker that Taco Bell supposedly induces labor.
"How?? I have no stinking clue but I'm 40+2 so I'll try anything," she wrote. "Taco Bell it is."
She then asked other moms-to-be if they had heard or experienced anyone eating Taco Bell to make themselves go into labor. Some had and were convinced it actually works.
"Really? That's crazy," another poster wrote. "I had Taco Bell yesterday, unknowingly, and had my baby girl this morning! I guess it's worth a try!"
Others, however, are convinced it's not true.
"I call bs considering I eat Taco Bell a couple times a week haha," one wrote. We tend to be on the side of, "umm...probably not," as are the experts.
“I have never seen anything that supports [spicy foods] one way or another,” Terry Harper, MD, an OB/GYN, told WebMD.
Still, if you're really desperate to get the kid out ASAP, then it can't hurt. Even if it doesn't work, at least you got some tacos.

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