McDonald’s Is Serving Up Some Wild Stuff In The Czech Republic

McDonald's is serving some crazy stuff worldwide. You can get, or could at one point, something called a Samurai Pork Burger, a McPaneer Royale, and a shrimp burger. We generally don't recommend consuming shellfish from McDonald's, but we don't know your life. Perhaps the craziest discovery of all is that McDonald's is serving ribs in the Czech Republic. Now, the Czech Republic is a beautiful country. They have Prague. They have a bunch of castles. We're almost certain that you can do better than eating McDonald's ribs in the Czech Republic. But here they are, an option.
Now, it's worth noting that American-style food travels pretty broadly. Hamburgers, at least, are available in almost every country I've ever been. But something that we should also note about American food is that it doesn't taste exactly right. Like, South African burger meat has this weird flavor that seems sort of spicy but just makes the meat taste like it turned. Or in South America, there just is something strange about how the burger tastes. This is why two Americans founded the Hard Rock Cafe in London, by the way, because they couldn't get a decent hamburger. (One could argue that they didn't do anything to solve that problem.) You could probably sit here and say that that's because American beef is loaded with antibiotics and other objectionable stuff. You'd be right, but that doesn't make it any less delicious. What we're trying to say is that even though the ribs look pretty good, they're not gonna be, like, Memphis ribs. Or Texas ribs. Take your pick of barbecue styles. They'll be some Czech version of that. And maybe it's great. But you should be consuming something more authentic to the region, like beer. Don't even talk to us about the McRib. The McRib is not something that should be bandied about.

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