That Time Kanye Went Full Kanye On The Set Of Anchorman 2

Kanye West is famously persnickety about just about everything in his life. This is a man who sawed bars in half at his wedding because they weren't to his specifications. He does not mess around. That trait traveled to the set of Anchorman 2, when he had an issue with a costume choice and didn't shy away from letting Judd Apatow know about it. Apatow related the story to Los Angeles' Regent Theater during a charity standup performance connected to new HBO series Crashing, The Wrap reports. For background, you need to know that Apatow was a producer on Anchorman 2, and that Anchorman 2 was really unwatchable. “He was in Anchorman 2, he played an MTV VJ. He shows up to shoot and he’s supposed to wear a red Michael Jackson jacket,” Apatow said. So Kanye asked Apatow to his trailer. “Kanye says there’s a problem with his costume: ‘Not good! The problem is this red jacket is like a first-instinct idea. Like the first thing you thought of, then you went on Google Images, and the first thing that came up, that’s what you went with!'” Apatow allowed that this was true. West had a plan, which he said was to “‘go on Google Images, and I’m going to look at one thousand images!’ The whole time Kim Kardashian never looks up from her phone. Two hours later, he walks out of his trailer wearing the red jacket we picked and goes, ‘I guess this is fine.'” The best part is that Apatow wasn't even mad, and didn't consider Kanye to be especially a diva. That's a testament to how right Kanye was about the jacket, we guess. It's also a testament to the high quality of Google's image search. If they can get a Kanye-approved jacket first try, that's pretty good. Check out the amazing, perfect scene below. Imagine if it had had a different jacket. You can't. It's that good.

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