These Women Are The Queens Of Rat Removal

If you've ever had the total nightmare of dealing with a rat in your house, these ingenious women are your new heroes. In the video above, they coordinate their efforts and sweep a rat out of their house, seemingly unharmed.
The screaming Pennsylvania college students flip a rat out of a tub, and as it runs out, they pinballed the little monster right out of the bathroom, down the stairs and right out the door. Using only brooms and smart planning. No poison or touching the germy thing required.
Twitter was impressed, of course, and the reactions are almost as amazing as the well-played rat expulsion.
As some noted, rats can be sweet animals and lovely pets. But when you're not expecting one in your shower, it's scary. It's perfectly okay to get rid of them, and we're here for this kind of ingenuity.
Yep. Bye rat!