It Was Only A Matter Of Time Before Vanessa Hudgens Sang On Powerless

If you have Vanessa Hudgens on your show, then you'd be missing out if you didn't have her sing. It only took Powerless, NBC's new comedy about the DC universe, three episodes to realize that. During the credits of last night's show, Vanessa's character Emily Locke has a quick jam sesh on the couch with Van. Finally!
Like most musical numbers in sitcoms, it's a little random and doesn't really have anything to do with the plot. However, it is a nice way to round off a tumultuous episode, and to give a wink to fans watching because they can't get enough of Hudgens.
The show itself is just getting started, and finding your feet can sometimes mean figuring out exactly what it is the fans want to see. In the case of Emily Locke, that could mean a more musical storyline. I mean, come on — we're not content with just a few lines of singing from Hairspray Live star! Hopefully this is just the beginning of Hudgens' Powerless musical career.

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