Wait, How Far Did Things Really Go Between Nick & Corinne?

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While Nick Viall threw the remaining Bachelor contestants to the sharks last night — literally — Corinne Olympios proved that she was the real apex predator. After she didn't earn the top spot on the group date, she decided to assert herself, which is something that Viall encouraged, and went in for the kill.
According to Us Weekly, during a segment on the podcast Channel 33, Viall details exactly what happened that night. However, his story doesn't exactly line up with the footage shown on this week's episode.
After maybe kind-of, sort-of faking a BFF moment with the other competitors, Olympios sneaks away from the group and dolls herself up. No, there isn't some sort of beach selfie session on the schedule. Instead, she heads into Viall's suite and attempts a sensual seduction.
"We went further on the bouncy castle!" Viall said on the podcast, referencing a previous (and very tame) episode when the podcast's hosts asked about what happened. "Like literally, nothing happened. Certainly, we kissed a little bit."
In Us' clip of the show, things look like they got a little bit further than a simple make-out session. "Let's dive into bed," Olympios can be heard saying. And although Viall says, "I don't think this is a good idea," Olympios' hair does look a little messy when she emerges from his bedroom. Plus, she managed to survive the night's rose ceremony, so she certainly did something to stack the odds in her favor. What exactly? We'll never know.
"I don’t know what she had in mind," Us reports Viall said during his Channel 33 segment. "We kissed, and before things really got started, I just said, ‘Hey, let’s slow down.’ But at the same time, I didn’t want her to feel like she did anything wrong — she didn’t do anything wrong. [...] There’s nothing wrong with her trying to find more time and focusing on our relationship."
Viall adds that he had his microphone on the entire time, so any questions that viewers have can be answered via the audio. But hey, editors do what editors do, so Olympios and Viall's night could have been much more involved than they're leading fans to believe.
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