This Studio Held A Valentine’s Day Dance Class For Dads — & It’s The Cutest Thing Ever

We well know that having an Y chromosome doesn't automatically make someone a bad dancer. Not having any dance training or, you know, rhythm, does. That's what makes these videos of a bunch of dads, with presumably little-to-no dance experience, dancing at their daughters' ballet class so hilariously awkward.
The dads joined their daughters' class at the Philadelphia Dance Center for Valentine's Day. But the class wasn't limited to just daddy-daughter pairs. "We had fathers and sons and mothers and daughters, too," Thom McIntyre, the studio's owner, tells Refinery29. Since the studio has male students and some fathers could not attend, McIntyre made sure the class didn't leave any student out of the experience — or the opportunity to boss their parent around. Following each class for both their younger and older students, the dance studio posted three videos of dads trying to stumble their way through a routine to their Facebook page. And they're all hysterical.
The first video posted has, as of writing, been viewed more than three million times. And the other two follow with almost one million and more than 100,000 views respectively.
They might not be the most graceful of dancers, but they're clearly trying (some dads are even decked out in tutus), and McIntyre said it was a fun time for everyone. "The dads felt great, though I'm sure they're a little sore today," he says. "And the kids loved every minute of it." We're sure this is a Valentine's Day those kids won't forget.

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