These Cookies Are Causing A Hilariously Savage Internet Battle

Let's face it, there are some treats you love, seek out, and absolutely can't get enough of, and then there are those you eat simply because they're in front of you. When I think about that second category, one very specific type of cookie floats to the front of my mind. I'm thinking of those weird fluffy iced sugar cookies you can buy in the bakery section of most grocery stores. I associate those cookies with boring school meetings, where I ate them just to have something to do with my hands and for some mild entertainment for my taste buds. To my surprise, though, a lot of people feel really strongly about these cookies. Not just that, these cookies seem to be very divisive. This fact came to light when a Twitter user named @taysux tweeted a photo of a carton of these cookies, along with her staunchly negative opinion of them.
As someone who has eaten her fair share of these cookies but isn't attached to them in any real way, I certainly wasn't offended by the tweet. However, scrolling through the more than 250 responses and over 4,126 retweets, it started to seem like I am the only one who doesn't feel intense feelings about this tweet. The harsh words from @taysux ignited an intense Twitter feud with people weighing in on both sides. Some simply defended the cookies they love, while others attacked outright the Twitter users and anyone who retweeted in agreement. Emotions in the responses ranged from indignation to hurt.
Among all the fuss from defenders of the cookie, others users tweeted in support of @taysux's opinion.
The cookie war has been in full swing for two days, and there doesn't appear to be an end in sight.
Buzzfeed News reached out to @taysux, and she claimed she never meant to ignite such a controversy, but that she definitely stands by what she said about the cookies. Seeing as the whole thing is based on opinions, there's no real way to claim a winner. The only thing know for sure is that people clearly take their cookies very seriously, which is understandable. What side of the debate are you on?

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