This Gay Teen Had The Best Response To Online Trolls

These days, even if you're smart and fabulous and talented, it never hurts to also be supremely skilled in the art of troll-slapping. Chrissy Teigen, for example, has this skill. So does J.K. Rowling. But this teen from Texas may just take the cake. Makeup artist Trayvon Dickerson, 19, was minding his own business and posting some chic shots of his fashionable self using the hashtag #BlackGaySlay when a troll pirated his pic in hopes of creating...I don't know, a very uninspired and homophobic meme? Is that what this is trying to be?
But Dickerson was not having it. “I’ve seen people make these same tweets with other LGBT kids," he told BuzzFeed. And he clearly has this troll's number; Dickerson explained that cowardly dudes like this send lame tweets because "they are fragile with their masculinity and they can't accept the fact that men like men, but it's 2017! Get over it." As for the troll's idiotic and insulting photo theft, Dickerson is already over it — as his killer clapback shows. His tweet, below, has received 106,000 likes and nearly 40,000 retweets.
That's right, Troll Man: If you've got something to say to Dickerson, at least have the guts to tag him, Boo. We're pretty sure he'd slay you in a debate.

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