Britney & Justin’s First Kiss Was Super Cute — According To Lifetime, At Least

Photo: Jenna Berman/REX/Shutterstock.
It's been a long time since Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were an item, but thanks to Lifetime's upcoming biopic, Britney Ever After, we'll all get a chance to relive the days of matching denim on denim and *NSYNC VMA performances. In a new clip, we get a peek into the couple's first kiss — and it's just as adorable as you'd imagine. Posted by Entertainment Weekly, the clip shows a young Spears (Natasha Bassett) and a pre-"Sexyback" Timberlake (Nathan Keyes) hanging out around tour buses. As one does when you're a budding pop star. Spears is smoking and feeling homesick while Timberlake tries to comfort her with some nostalgia. Remember the Mickey Mouse Club? Remember how they got through that together? It seems to work: "It was so much fun, though," Spears says, a smile finally coming to her lips. Bassett is pretty convincing as a young Spears, but we have to say, even with the bleach-blond curls, it's tough to get through Keyes' faux-Tennessee accent. In true cheesy boy band style, Timberlake reminds Spears that home is always with you, right in your heart. Oh yeah, there are telephones, too. Phones can help with homesickness. That only brings up more grief with Spears, since it appears that her dad can't afford his plan. Sensing that financial issues are not in the least sexy, Timberlake leans in for a soft kiss and we hear Spears giggle. Really. Let's just say that while we've dreamt of Timberlake-tinged kisses, we never imagined they'd be accompanied by giggles. Check out the clip, below. Britney Ever After premieres February 18 on Lifetime.

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