Burger King’s Valentine’s Day Cup Is Engineered For Peak Romance

When you're in a romantic relationship, there's an unspoken "what's mine is your's" rule. While some of us wouldn't gladly share a bite of our burgers or offer up our fries, we're usually down to give out a few sips of soda because, duh, free refills. The only thing that makes sharing drinks kind of a pain, though, is the lids that only accommodate one straw. Lucky for all you lovers out there, Burger King recognized this issue and set out to come up with a solution. After what it calls "many years of researches and innovations," the fast food chain is introducing a special Valentine's cup, and it's made specifically for two people to drink from together. The cup itself is decorated with hearts, but that's not what makes it so romantic. The lid that fits on top of this cup features two separate holes for two different straws. This never-before-seen drinking experience is exclusively available at Burger King February 11 through 14. Just a warning, things could get hot and heavy when you share a drink from this cup as evidenced by the commercial.

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