This Is The Unexpected Place You Could Find Love

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You may think that a place where you go to work out and sweat it off might not be great for meeting a potential romantic partner. But according to a new survey, nearly half of Americans think that the gym is a great place to connect with other people. The survey, conducted by Blink Fitness and Harris Poll, revealed some pretty interesting statistics about finding love at the gym. The data, shared with Refinery29, reveals that 25% of Americans have thought about dating someone who they saw or met at the gym. While only about 6% of those polled actually met their significant other at the gym, 32% said that the prospect of meeting someone at the gym would give them an extra kick of motivation to head to their workout. If you're already coupled up, however, the survey has some fun tidbits for you, too. 47% of Americans said that working out with a significant other has brought their relationship closer, which is something that probably happens after someone sees you face-plant on a treadmill (anyone else? No?). But if the idea of going to the gym as a date is not your cup of tea, you're not alone — while 38% of people think working out is a fun date activity, only 7% have actually gone on a date to the gym. If you do want to work out with your significant other, however, keep in mind that the gym isn't your only option. There are plenty of active date ideas to try out together.

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