News Anchor Handles "Pot Sasquatch" Interruption On Live TV Like A Champ

Photo: Courtesy of WWLP
In Western Massachusetts today the weather outside was frightful. However, Mother Nature's wintry fury wasn't to blame.

According to Mashable, while meteorologist Jennifer Pagliei appeared in a live broadcast for 22News, something extraordinary happened. Sasquatch walked by. Actually no, he staggered by much to the amusement of Pagliei.

Though the anchor handled the situation like a professional, she couldn't help but let out a small laugh. Despite the interruption, she kept on rolling.

Pagliei posted the hilarious clip on her Facebook page. And viewers who witnessed the unexpected moment live definitely got a kick out of it.

"I was dying laughing, wondered if he was gonna sneak up on you and scare you LOL," said one commenter.

Though the funniest part is if you look closely that's not just any costume. Bigfoot looks like a tree, or as WWLP said in a post on their Facebook, it looks like a piece of "pot."

"22News Meteorologist Jennifer Pagliei has an encounter with 'Pot Sasquatch' during her live shot at The X in Springfield."

With so much snow and freezing temps hitting the Northeast, that costume actually looks pretty cozy.

Check out the video below.

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