These Are The Best & Worst States To Be Single

Photographed by Eva K Salvi.
If you feel like you're having trouble meeting potential romantic partners, your location may be the problem. A new study from WalletHub broke down the best — and worst — places to be single in the U.S., comparing all 50 states and the District of Columbia. For the study, WalletHub's data team compared the states based on three key dimensions: Dating economics, dating opportunities, and romance and fun. They also compared each state against a whopping 23 key indicators of dating-friendliness, such as "most restaurants" and "nightlife options per capita. According to their data, here are the top ten best states to be single: 1. Washington
2. Colorado
3. California
4. Montana
5. South Dakota
6. Texas
7. Hawaii
8. Nevada
9. District of Columbia
10. Florida And in the bottom ten, a.k.a. the worst places to be single: 1. Mississippi
2. Alabama
3. Arkansas
4. West Virginia
5. Alaska
6. Kentucky
7. New Mexico
8. South Carolina
9. Tennessee
10. Maryland The study also ranked states according to the best and worst places for online dating as well as for the "highest share of single adults." You probably wouldn't choose a place to live based solely on whether or not it's great for singles, but it is interesting to see how your state stacks up — and where you might find the most Tinder success. It's also important to note, however, that while the study ranks states based on opportunities to not be single anymore, it's also totally cool if you're single and not looking for a relationship. To see the full study, go to WalletHub's website.

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