Bachelor Nick Viall Takes Issue With Sean Lowe’s Good Tweets

This season on The Bachelor has mostly been a drag except for two things. The first is, obviously, Corinne's ability to walk the tightrope of whatever game she's playing. The second is Nick Viall's constant teetering on the verge of nervous collapse. Look, we get it. He and the women on the show are in an objectively bananas situation full of drinking and tears punctuated by the occasional makeout session. Still, it was surprising when Viall sent three women home mid-date while saying legitimate nonsense about his heart. His subsequent freakout was perhaps the least surprising part of the show. Honestly, full disclosure, I'm not really sure who any of these people are besides Corinne and whomever Corinne is feuding with at the moment. I've watched every episode with the maximum possible attention (I use it to catch up on emails), and it's almost surreal how little Nick and any of the women connect. Besides Corinne. She's magic. Former Bachelor Sean Lowe also had some thoughts about the process, and he kindly shared those thoughts on Twitter. Some of his tweets were good. He made a lot of them.
Viall did not want to take the mild snark lying down. He responded to one of Lowe's tweets thusly.
Look man, we already know you're not the best expressing yourself on your feet. And if you're going to ".@" someone, you're already exposing yourself as unfamiliar with Twitter's unspoken laws. (That tactic is reserved only for Republican members of Congress and is used exclusively by people that say "sir" when they're trying to insult you.) So coming at someone with a burn that weak after you make sure everyone sees it is just not a good look. Love is hard, reality TV is hardest, but Twitter is the least forgiving.

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