The Heartbreaking Way The Muslim Ban Is Affecting This Bride

Photo: Pekka Sakki/REX/Shutterstock
Given that Donald Trump apparently can't be bothered to read his own executive orders, perhaps it should come as no surprise that his early signature moment has gone off about as well as a fart in a spacesuit. The travel ban targeted at seven majority-Muslim countries has drawn the ire of corporate America, regular Americans, ex-President Obama, and has been ruled against by a George W. Bush-appointed judge. It doesn't help that the ban targets refugees, a group that already undergoes a strict vetting process. Stories like this, of a breastfeeding mother being separated from her newborn, are horrible on a human as well as an optics level. Trump's ban, likely at the behest of de facto president Steve Bannon, has separated many families from each other. Those separated include Nassim Alisobhani from her family, according to NBC San Diego. Though Alisobhani was born in California, her family includes a large contingent of people still living in Iran. She planned to make her May wedding a celebration of the merging of her Muslim heritage with the Jewish heritage of her fiancé, Justin Yanuck. “We really wanted this to be a celebration, not just a wedding,” Alisobhani told The Huffington Post. “I could[n't] care less about the wedding. It’s about having everyone together.” As if planning a wedding wasn't hard enough already. Alisobhani's issue highlights the problem with half-cocked actions like this. Not only do they harm countless people and threaten America by creating an easy point of radicalization for at-risk people, they also look like shit. Like, who is against the marriage of a Muslim woman and a Jewish man?

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