This Preschool Teacher Shamed A Mom For Giving Her Child Chocolate Cake

After including a slice of chocolate cake in her child's lunch one day, a mom received a strongly-worded message from her child's teacher, telling her to "please choose healthier options." Melinda Tankard Reist, who is friends with the mom in question, posted a photo of the note to Facebook on Thursday and explained that her friend, a mother of eight children, received this message from her 3-year-old's teacher.
"I told her to put in two slices tomorrow and tell them to get lost," she wrote. Reist wasn't the only one to have such a strong response. Other Facebook users commented on her post, taking the teacher to task for overstepping boundaries, and for the way in which she sent her message. "We have no right to tell people what to feed their children," one user commented, while another noted that mothers can sometimes feel guilty enough as it is without being lectured with a condescending note. "I think the way it's delivered is humiliating," another user wrote. "Why not send home a letter to all parents saying what's allowed and what's not?" While healthy eating is important, giving a child a treat is far from shame-worthy behavior. Not to mention, as Reist mentioned, this mom has 8 children — she's likely doing her best, and doesn't need judgment from a stranger for trying to feed her kid.

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