This Might Be The Grossest Super Bowl Meal We've Ever Seen

Photographed by Erin Phraner.
For reasons we don't entirely understand, a man decided to do a Super Bowl food challenge and post it on YouTube. Something about his team not playing, and since Beyoncé isn't scheduled to perform this year, we guess it makes some kind of sense.
In just over an hour, the man, Matt Stonie, consumes a massive amount of food you'd find at a Super Bowl party. And this is not a first for him. His YouTube page is packed with over-the-top food challenges.
Here's the breakdown of what he ate:
75 Hooters chicken wings (plus a box of celery).
A large Costco pizza.
Three quarter pound cheeseburgers he grilled himself.
Three bowls of chili with cheese.
And, as he says, "last but not least," an entire party size bag of Doritos.
Gotta admit the burgers look great.
We appreciate the public service here, but be warned, the video is a little...intense. There's a lot of belching. So much belching. Send up prayers for his roommates.

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