Rebecca Looks Back On Her Antics In The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Finale

Photo: Michael Desmond/The CW.
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's season-two finale will air tonight, and we have some ideas about what to expect. No, we still don't know whether or not Rebecca (Rachel Bloom) will actually marry Josh (Vincent Rodriguez III). But we do know there's going to be some serious introspection before the wedding. In "Rebecca's Reprise," released exclusively to Vulture, Rebecca reflects on what's happened since she moved to West Covina — somehow, despite all of her meddling plans, she actually made Josh fall in love with her. Naturally, the song blends in classic Crazy Ex-Girlfriend hits like "You Stupid Bitch" and "I Love My Daughter (But Not In A Creepy Way)." The song is funny, but it also hints at a potential tone change in the show's third season. Rebecca got what she wanted — she's about to marry Josh Chan, the reason she moved to West Covina. But as her recent meeting with Dr. Akopian revealed, she's still not happy. Being with Josh didn't magically solve all of her problems. And now, she might not even be sure about marrying him at all. Whether or not Rebecca and Josh get married, though, we fully expect a Santino Fontana cameo in tonight's finale. Greg would never miss his best friend's wedding — even if it doesn't end up happening. Check out the clip below.

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