The Grammy's Menu Just Dropped & It Sounds Like It Will Be A Hit

Photo: Courtesy of Staples Center.
Shrimp and Lobster Escabeche with pickled shallots, garlic, pomegranate, and pickled mustard seeds.
Beyoncé is expected to perform at the upcoming Grammy Awards — yes, while pregnant with twins. They don't call her a queen for nothing. So naturally, we can hardly wait for next Sunday. In the midst of counting down the seconds until the red carpet coverage starts, we'll be munching on every single detail about the awards ceremony we can get. And, luckily, we just found out some very tasty details.

The Grammy Awards dinner menus were recently shared with us and every dish looks like a winner. Chef Joseph Martin and his team at Levy Restaurants have put together not one but two incredible fixed menus and an a la carte menu for the event. To serve over 2,250 guests, they've ordered 990 pounds of tenderloin, 350 pounds of ahi tuna, 865 pounds of New York strip and 1,200 oysters. The cooks will also put together 6,900 pieces of sushi and 1,800 desserts. But how will all this tasty stuff be served?
The "Song of the Year Menu," which is the first of the two fixed menus, will start with Lemon Heaven popcorn, house-made pickled vegetables, and something called "The Dream Mix," which comes with peanut butter pretzels, sugar gumdrops, mint malt balls, JellyBelly’s, Australian red licorice, and gummy cherries. After that sugary appetizer, the guests will be served a grilled flatbread sampler, Thai shrimp spring rolls, rotisserie chicken salad, and the chef's selection of sushi and sashimi.
Photo: Courtesy of Staples Center.
Rotisserie Chicken Salad with goat cheese, dates, cornbread croutons, avocado, romaine, Napa cabbage, kale and a chia seed vinaigrette.
Next, farmers salads, grilled steak sandwiches, and Moroccan chicken skewers. Then, the star of this menu will come out: braised short ribs with seasonal squash ravioli, caramelized cauliflower, and red wine tarragon pesto. The meal finishes with an assortment of cookies including cinnamon brûlée, chocolate mint, kimchi peanut butter sriracha, and lavender shortbread. That's a whole lot of food, but it's only one of the menu options.
Photo: Courtesy of Staples Center.
Braised Short Ribs, seasonal squash ravioli, caramelized cauliflower, and a red wine tarragon pesto.
The second menu, which is called the "Album of the Year Menu," starts with house-made potato chips, red velvet popcorn, and mini bacon cheddar scones. Next, diners will be served burrata on toasted sourdough with heirloom tomatoes, arugula, micro basil, and sea salt. The "Earth and Turf," the first of the main dishes, is prime tenderloin served with roasted chanterelle mushrooms, grilled onions, and a roasted Poblano sauce. That will be followed by a shrimp and lobster escabeche, rotisserie chicken sandwich, tortilla Espanola, char siu chicken salad, and chimichurri chicken.
Photo: Courtesy of Staples Center.
Tortilla Espanola with micro kale greens, roasted tomato jam, spiced pumpkin seeds, Jamón serrano, and heirloom potatoes
In the midst of all that, a Wine Country Board with award-winning California cheeses, local meats, and picked vegetables will be brought out. Then, a prime tenderloin with truffle mac and cheese, English peas, and Parmesan cheese. Finally, the guests will get a series of Cake Monkey Desserts including inside out s'mores, gingerbread cookiesSandwiches, maple glazed huckleberry donuts, chocolate malt cake, and carrot cake.

If the celebs are looking for a lighter meal, they have the option to order of the a la carte menu which is offering wine, cheese, and charcuterie; colossal shrimp and king crab legs; and an assortment of sushi and sashimi. Now, our only question is: WWBO? What will Beyonce order?!

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