Keke Palmer’s Clap Back At Wendy Williams Makes A Powerful Point About How Women Are Treated

Photo: Mike Pont/Getty.
Wendy Williams is notoriously hard on celebrities and the decisions they make. Her willingness to bad mouth just about anyone is the calling card that has sustained her career in both radio and television. This hasn’t always gone over well for the host — think Whitney Houston’s infamous Wendy read in 2003, or even Blac Chyna’s explosion on Instagram last November. But when Keke Palmer went on the Wendy Williams Show to promote her new book and address the recent incident with Trey Songz, she put her foot down in the most elegant way possible while also taking an important stance. To catch you up, Trey put pressure on Keke to be in a music video even though she continuously refused. She actually hid in a closet while she waited for an Uber, and Trey used footage of her in the music video anyway. When Wendy asked Keke to fill her in on what happened, the young actress immediately quipped, “Well, you know because you done told everybody especially.” She was referring to Wendy’s previous comments defending Trey. Keke was honest about being let down by Wendy’s position. “I don’t want to keep broad-beating that one situation. But I will say, Wendy: I would have loved to turn on your show and saw you be a little bit more compassionate and less accusatory and ridiculing.” When Wendy said “I couldn’t,” Keke still didn’t back down. “Why girl?!” she demanded. “Because the gag is, you wasn’t there!” [Sips tea.] But Keke definitely had a point about what is expected and normal versus what is right when it comes to how women are treated. “We’re telling girls that it’s okay for them to be in weird and awkward and potentially sexually harassing environments and they should endure it and not say nothing about it.” Check out their entire exchange below. The revealing interview also includes Keke coming out as sexually fluid and addressing her new book.

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