Send Pizza To Protesters With This Amazing Website

There are a lot of reasons why you might not be able to make it to a protest. You might have work, or you might not have a car, or you might hate crowds and clever signs. Though the best way to show your support is to become another body in a growing movement against President Steve Bannon and his sock puppet Trump, there are other ways to do your part. Pizza to the Polls started out as an organization that sent pizza to long polling lines. Now, following a popular call for the website to do the same for protestors, they responded by sending 10 pizza pies to JFK Airport. Scott Duncombe founded the site alongside his wife Katie Harlow and friend Noah Manger. He tells Vice's Munchies that the pivot was only natural. “I definitely think pizza is a vital part of protesting. People are putting their bodies into uncomfortable spaces for long periods of time to assert their vision for this country,” Duncombe tells the site. “It’s very like the terrible process we put some people through to cast their vote — forcing them to sacrifice their time, energy, and well being to bring about change.” They're still working out the kinks; the pizzas they sent to JFK didn't make it and had to be rerouted to a homeless shelter. But email them if you have a protest action going on, and they'll contact local pizza places to send a pie or two your way. Sounds like a good deal to us.

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