The Internet Can’t Deal With This Restaurant’s “Seen Rat” Discount

You know what can really ruin a nice meal out at a restaurant? Seeing a rat run under your table. Yeah, that's pretty much the worst thing that can happen while you're eating dinner, and it's exactly what happened to two diners at a restaurant in Folsom, CA. Recently, a woman allegedly saw a rat run over her foot while dining at Fat's Asian Bistro. Ick! The woman, of course, immediately notified her waiter, but according to ABC13, no manager came over to apologize or discuss the indecent with the diners. Instead, when it was time to pay, the bill arrived and there was a very unexpected discount printed on it. Take a look:
Because of their horrifying encounter, the two customers received a "Seen Rat" discount of $30.95. This picture raises a lot of strange and amusing questions. I would like to know how they decided that the discount would be for that seemingly arbitrary amount. You also have to wonder why the customers didn't run out the minute they saw the rodent. We're not the only ones asking questions. According to Eater, a friend of the rat's victim posted a photo of the check on Facebook. The local Department of Health came across the post and stopped by Fat's later that week to take a look. Eater reports that the health department found no evidence of rats or rodents. Kevin Fats, the COO of Fats Family Restaurant Group, told ABC13 in the 14 years that this Fats location has been open, there's never been a rodent issue. He also explained that the manager immediately called pest control, who found no sign of rats. As for the "Seen Rat" discount, Fats says, "That is something that the manager at the time thought was appropriate, again, that is a learning lesson." Hopefully, this lesson he speaks of is to never print the word "rat" on a restaurant receipt, ever again.

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