This Iconic Kid’s Cake Is All Grown Up & Getting Married

Photo: Courtesy of Marks & Spencer.
If you didn't grow up in Britain, you may not be familiar with Colin the Caterpillar cakes. Don't worry, I didn't know about Colin either, but apparently, he's kind of big deal. According to The Daily Mail, Colin the Caterpillar cakes were first introduced by Marks & Spencer in 1990. He quickly became a quintessential birthday treat for kids. The cake itself is a chocolate sponge, and it has a chocolate buttercream filling. The roll is coated with a milk chocolate shell and decorated with white chocolate and candy coated chocolate pieces in order to get the look of a friendly caterpillar. Now that you've gotten properly acquainted with Colin, he has some big news to share. Mashable reports that the kid's cake, which turns 27 this year, has finally met his mate and will soon be tying the knot. Marks and Spencer recently announced that it is releasing two new wedding cakes. One will be in the shape Colin dressed up with a top hat. The other will be shaped like a new character named Connie, and she'll be wearing her wedding day finest.
Marks & Spencer stated that Colin and Connie began their relationship after being introduced by friends at a birthday party last year. That's quite a meet cute. The best part is that some of the kids who first enjoyed Colin at their birthday parties are probably starting to think about marriage themselves. And, now, they can have the coupled cakes at their weddings. Colin and Connie wedding cakes are available for pre-order, and each costs $63. Congratulations to the happy couple. May your lives be happy and full of chocolate (that's my wish for all newlyweds, not just the ones who are actually cakes).

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