This 90-Year-Old Has The Best List Of Tips To Combat Loneliness

Photo: NADOFOTOS/Getty Images.
After 90-year-old Derek Taylor's partner and sister passed away, he began feeling extremely lonely. So he decided to do something about it — and to help others in the process. "I thought, what can I do to stop being lonely?" he told BBC. "The older you get, the less people seem to contact you." Taylor came up with his own list of tips for ways to combat isolation. He sent his list to the Manchester City Council in the UK, which then published them in a pamphlet about the city's "age-friendly" outreach program. "These are simply the things I have done to keep myself active and involved, and I thought they might be useful for other older people living on their own," Taylor wrote. "I have been surprised by how popular my top ten tips have been — they have even appeared in the news! I hope you enjoy reading them." His tips include: — Make an effort to make new friends — Join a hobbies club — Visit your local community or resource centre and find out what’s on offer — Learn to use a computer at your local library — Seek help from your local social services — Consider taking in a lodger or paying guest — Use your telephone more often to contact people; don’t wait for people to contact you — Contact friends and relatives you haven’t spoken to recently — Make friends with your neighbors — Do voluntary work if you are able to Unfortunately, he's not the only one who experiences loneliness later in life. According to statistics from Age UK, 12% of people over 65 report that they don't spend time with friends on most days. So if you can spare a moment today, give your grandparents a call — they might appreciate it more than you know.

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