If You've Ever Wanted To Own A McDonald's Playground, Now's Your Chance

Photo: Dindoli/Alamy Stock Photo.
Trade Me is listing three items that'll transform your backyard into a time capsule, Newshub reports. The "Hamburglar" swing set, "Mayor McCheese" roundabout, and "Chief Big Mac" jungle gym recreate the old playgrounds you used to find outside McDonald's.

The "retro, collectible, and rare" items will make you the "envy of your neighborhood," the description promises.

They're currently lying around in Nelson, New Zealand, and the seller's not delivering. That's not an issue for at least six people, though. The highest of the six bids is at $3,100.

The best part of this whole thing is the Q&A page. "Are these pieces of playground equipment supposed to stare into our souls or is that just normal?" someone wondered aloud. "Is my hair still stuck under the merry-go-round? My head was wedged under there for so long while the children just kept spinning and spinning," another inquired.

The seller patiently addressed each question, even offering to examine a hair sample for comparison.

The auction closes Sunday, February 5 at 1:50 p.m., so if you want the chance to house a McDonald's playground of your own, act now.

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