Under-$20 Hair Products & Tools The Pros Actually Swear By

Let’s address the elephant in the room: it often takes deep pockets (like, really deep pockets) to follow product recommendations from a celebrity hairstylist. A pro’s job is to find the best tools of the trade (no matter how much they cost) — and let the CPA work out the tax deductions later. Meanwhile, for those of us not in the biz, dropping $50 on a texturizing spray comes with major sacrifices (like skipping breakfast for a week. And, yes, we’re hangry just thinking about it).

But here’s the good news: Some of the best products on the market can be found in the drugstore aisle — and for far less than what you're currently paying for similar items. We’re talking about the secret weapon behind Rooney Mara and Kim Kardashian’s super precise and sleek looks (it’s less than $3). And the hair accessories worn to some of the fanciest awards shows in Hollywood (also $3).

Ahead, some of tinseltown’s most sought-after hairstylists share the products and tools they keep stocked in their kits. With each item ringing in at $20 or less, we can’t afford not to cop them for ourselves.

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