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New Details About Arizona & Eliza’s Romance On Grey’s Anatomy

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Grey's Anatomy has been teasing a romance between Arizona and Eliza, played by Jessica Capshaw and Marika Dominczyk, respectively, and now Capshaw is opening about her own take on the budding relationship. In a detailed Q&A with Entertainment Weekly, the actress — a veteran of the series, first appearing as Callie's (Sara Ramirez) love interest in season five — explains why she thinks the Arizona and Eliza relationship will bring something new to the show. "There’s something that I really, really love about a quasi or demi-forbidden relationship, and we have the makings of that," she said of the friction between their characters. "Arizona is in a tricky position, because here comes the first woman in a while that makes her feel a certain way, feel flirted with and excited and feel flirty back, but also sort of pisses her off. All that stuff is made of a great TV or movie relationship, where you see them bickering but in a way that’s flirty and sexy as opposed to aggressive or mean." The site also straight up asked how it will be different, and Capshaw revealed that she has "thought about that a lot. I think the thing that’s really interesting and different, and creates a different starting point for Eliza and Arizona, is that when Callie and Arizona met, Callie wasn’t even actually completely knowing that she was interested in being in a relationship like that... I think there’s something kind of different and exciting about that, because they’re starting from a point that there’s no deficit, there’s no wishy-washiness." We can't wait to see how it all pans out.

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