This Couple Turned A Dumpster Into A Super Tiny Dream House

They say one person's trash is another's treasure, but Jamie and Brad Bigelow made someone's trash their home. The couple aspired to have a vacation spot in Florence, Arizona. So they built one — starting with a dumpster. "Our family goes out there a lot, so we wanted a little house as a base that we could stay at," Jamie Bigelow told Today. "We just love going out there and stargazing." They got the dumpster for $800, and Brad Bigelow is a contractor, so he knew what to do with it. Now, it's a 176-square-foot home with a seated deck, a stove, and a bed big enough for two people. They don't have water, electricity, or a bathroom, though, so they have to do their business in an outhouse. They use a generator for lights like the charming ones hanging from the roof. Brad Bigelow's Instagram is full of striking before and after photos, but this one has got to be his magnum opus.