If Only Our Lives Were As Organized As Gwyneth Paltrow’s Perfect Pantry

Gwyneth Paltrow's pantry just got a makeover, and let's just say, it's as meticulously organized as you'd expect for the founder and goddess-in-chief of Goop. The overhaul was courtesy of the ladies of Home Edit, a Nashville-based organization company. Their strategy for Paltrow's pantry can best be described as bins, bins, bins, and lots of labels (which conveniently, they happen to sell). In a post on Goop, they explain that the bins group together similar foods, like chips or breakfast items, all in one place. Bulk items like pasta and dried fruit went in clear containers on the door, and after school snacks were put down low where kids can grab them.
If you want a kitchen that beautiful, we can't get you a pantry the size of a New York bedroom, but Home Edit also provided some tips we could all use. "If you’re a busy parent who has a time-consuming job, you’re not going to want to empty every box of pasta and cereal into jars when you get home from the grocery store." (We assume this also applies to us lazy millennials, right?) Even if you're not going to have dedicated jars for your dry goods, they still recommend grouping things by use. Not only will it keep you organized, it makes unpacking groceries easier, too. "Almost every pantry can be divided into breakfast, dinner, snacks, sweet snacks, baking, and cooking," they explain. "By grouping items into large categories you won’t get stuck with something that doesn’t have a home."
Also consider frequency of use when organizing: the stuff you use every day should be within reach, whereas less-used items (like baking supplies) can go up higher. Even if you don't want to invest in bins for all your dry goods, you can still group this way Whether a perfectly organized pantry will make us actually want to cook more is another question. But it's good to have something to aspire to (like being fancy enough to only buy San Marzano tomatoes, or paying for a pantry organizing service).

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