Why Was This Controversial Bachelor Scene Censored In Last Night’s Episode?

Nobody is perfect. And when it comes to relationships, who doesn't have a touch of drama in their past that might be embarrassing? Or better yet, a juicy story to share? This is why we love the (seemingly) unfiltered drama of reality TV. But when such a story is shielded from Bachelor audiences — viewers who are used to all types of glorious tomfoolery — questions arise. And that's precisely why Bachelor viewers in Little Rock, AR, are heated today. On last night's Bachelor, Raven tells Nick a story about her cheating ex-boyfriend. In a nutshell, she found her ex in bed with another woman. Oof! However, that's the least of the tale. She then proceeded to attack the man with a stiletto. Yes, a high-heel shoe. However, viewers in Arkansas didn't hear any of this.
Apparently, ABC affiliates in the region didn't air that particular conversation on Raven's hometown date. They instead cut to the next scene. Viewers were livid.
Why the censoring, ABC? We've reached out to the network and will update this story as information becomes available.

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