This Couple’s Wings Order Is Going Viral For The Sweetest Reason

Photo: John Kuczala/Getty Images.
For many of us, food is the key to our hearts. Buy me a box of my favorite cookies or take me out to a great restaurant, and swooning is inevitable. And, if it's a surprise, all the better. Paige Barile, a 22-year-old from Indiana, understands that food is a great way to show much you care. That's why, last week, she decided to surprise her boyfriend, Austyn, with his favorite order from Buffalo Wild Wings after he had spent the evening playing basketball with friends. Oddly, Austyn was a little late to meet Paige that night, but she just figured he had just gotten caught up hanging with his pals after the game. When he finally arrived, he was holding a bag of BDUBBs, too. It turns out Austyn also gets that food is extremely effective at showing affection, so he hit up Buffalo Wild Wings on his way to meet Paige and got her favorite order. Paige told Metro, "We just missed each other at the same BDUBS’s (out of the three in our area) by 15 minutes and he showed up with the food right after I got home and set the TV trays up to watch our favorite show. And since we both know each other’s orders, we literally had double of our favorites!" Now that is true love if I've ever seen it. Paige and Austyn recognized how funny the coincidence was, so Paige took a photo of their food and posted it to Twitter, saying "Tried being cute and surprising my boyfriend with wings but he surprised me with wings too..." The tweet has been liked 41,378 times and retweeted over 16,000 times. May we all be so lucky as to find that someone who knows our favorite wing order by heart.

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