Let Her Eat Cake? Mariah Carey Enjoys Weed Edible In Amsterdam, "I'll Do Whatever I Want"

Photo: Patrick Lewis/StarPix/REX/Shutterstock
Sunday night's episode of Mariah's World is full of laughs. Carey travels to Amsterdam with her backup dancer Bryan Tanaka, along with the rest of her team.

The group settles in and visits The Bulldog Cafe — a place with which Mimi is clearly already acquainted. "Amsterdam has really fun places, especially this cafe," she says, as noted by the Daily Mail.

"I just want to try this but I don't know about it," Carey says, examining a space cake. Despite her reservations, Mimi is famished. With nary an emergency bag of chips, Luna Bar, or non-drug-laced option around, she makes a tough decision.

She eats the cake. In case you forgot, cannabis is legal in Amsterdam."It tastes good," she says smiling at the camera as she gobbles up the chocolate treat.

During her confessional, Carey explains her decision, "...Just like, whatever, I'll do whatever I want." Moments later she jokes, "Edit that out."

Thanks to the drug-laced sweets, the entire episode is a riot. Check out the Daily Mail's recap, here.

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